Astone RD-2570 2 Bay 2.5 USB3.1 ExtRaid Encl Silver Alu


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Product Description


2.5” 2 bay USB3.1 SSD/HDD Raid Enclosure

  1. Model – HDD – Interface – Colour
Model SATA/IDE HDD Host Interface Colour
RD-2570 2 x 2.5’’ drive 7mm to 9.5mm in height USB 3.1




  1. Package contents

device x 1, user manual, USB Cable, DC to USB charging cable, screw x 8, screw driver x1


  1. Key Features
  • Supported RAID functions: RAID 0, RAID 1, Single & Large.
  • Super Fast data transfer speed up to 780+MB/s ( under RAID 0 mode )
  • Support over 2TB drives.
  • Backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 interface.
  • Plug & Play and Hot Swap.
  • RAID mode select by RAID switch setting.
  • Supports: Windows 98SE/2000/MAC/Linux for USB 2.0

Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7 for USB 3.0

Supports: Windows 8/10 for USB 3.1


  1. Application

4.1  Drive installation

4.2  Application

Before plugging the enclosure with the installed HDDs to the computer you need to make sure that your have set the RAID function which you request, plug in the interface cable, connect the power adapter to the enclosure, and then turn on the power. The following table shows the available RAID options and settings:

Attention: In order for the computer to access volumes larger than 2TB, both the hardware and OS need to have the capacity to support large volumes (e.g.: WinVista 32bit/64bit or Mac OS 10.4 and above).


  • Changing the RAID mode
  1. Set the RAID switch and select your preferred RAID mode.
  2. 2. Press the “RAID-Reset-Button” on rear side for 5 seconds to confirm the setting.
  3. 3. Format the drives.
  4. 4. Done


Attention: Changing the RAID mode requires you to re-format the drives. Make sure to backup all existing data first.

  • Replacing hard drives

When a drive fails, the corresponding HDD LED (1 or 2) will be solid blue light during write/read status, in which case the HDD will simply not be accessible anymore. If only one drive is defective and the RAID mode is set to RAID 1, the data can still be accessed but we strongly recommend replacing the faulty drive immediately to assure continued proper backup and data safety.

  1. Check the HDD LED and replace the faulty drive. You can add a file to your hard drive, the corresponding LED will be solid blue light, indicating the defective drive.
  2. A few seconds after installing the new drive(s) the corresponding LED will start to blink.
  3. For RAID 1, just exchange the defective HDD and power on the RD-2570, the RAID array will be rebuilt automatically. During this process, the LED will blink slowly, when finish write/read, it will turn to be solid blue light. Rebuilding the RAID array will take several hours, depending on the drive capacity.

Attention: please don’t push the RAID-reset switch button, otherwise all data will go lost.


  1. LED Status Indicators
LED Status Colour
LED Power Power on Red
LED Power Power off No shining
HDD 1 / 2 Power on Solid blue light
HDD 1 / 2 (under reading/writing) HDD failure Solid blue light
HDD 1 / 2 Activity Fast blink blue light



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