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Jointly Embarking on a New Chapter: Huawei Consumer Cloud Services and Malaysia Airlines Collaborate to Expand the Chinese Outbound Travel Market

DONGGUAN, China, June 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Consumer Cloud Services and Malaysia Airlines have decided to enter a strategic partnership in penetrating Chinese Outbound Travel market. This highly anticipated collaboration was officially announced during the signing ceremony at Huawei’s 2024 Developer Conference. This historic moment was held at the Huawei Developer Conference 2024, adding a highlight to the over 100 exciting events.

Through Huawei Consumer Cloud Services’ advertising platform, Malaysia Airlines will achieve comprehensive digitization of its aviation services. Through data-driven personalized recommendations and precise advertising placements, it will achieve deeply customized marketing effects. This will allow Malaysia Airlines to not only gain insights into travelers’ needs but also grasp market trends, truly embodying a customer-centric service philosophy. The comfortable start to a journey is precisely where Huawei Consumer Cloud Services, as part of the 1+8+N all-scenario ecosystem and media marketing capability, provides advertising marketing and traffic monetization services for advertisers and traffic alliances.

This partnership enables Huawei and Malaysia Airlines to jointly provide travelers with one-stop, full-cycle, and personalized travel services. While meeting travelers’ needs throughout their journey, the two parties have deepened their cooperation, forming a strong win-win situation. As an industry leader in technological innovation, Huawei remains committed to an open ecosystem, providing Malaysia Airlines with advertising marketing and traffic monetization services through its Petal Ads platform, helping it further expand in the Chinese market. This partnership is a strategic decision made by both companies to better serve consumers based on consumer demand.

Mr. Vincent Wen, Director of Cloud Service Business Growth of Huawei, said, We are committed to strengthening our partnership with Malaysia Airlines by leveraging our extensive expertise in telecommunications infrastructure, digital solutions, and our deep understanding of the Chinese market. Through collaborative efforts focused on localized strategies and by harnessing Huawei’s robust brand presence and marketing channels in China, Malaysia Airlines can significantly enhance its visibility and market penetration among Chinese travellers. This strategic alignment between Huawei and Malaysia Airlines combines technological prowess, market expertise, and innovation, opening up exciting opportunities in the dynamic Chinese tourism landscape.”

The joint collaboration of MH and Huawei also introduce a young traveler program MHexplorer, empowering young generation to explore the world and broaden their horizons. It incorporated Huawei Consumer Cloud Services’ resource advantage to drive the marketing strategy to ultimate effectiveness and promote the expansion of Malaysia Airlines in the Chinese and Asia-Pacific market. It aims that the perks and conveniences brought by the MHexplorer project will fulfill the yearning for world travel in every young individual’s heart. It also serves as an advocacy and active promotion of the idea.

Mr. Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), said, “We are delighted to join forces with Huawei by leveraging their digital capabilities to expand our reach within the APAC region. This strategic partnership aims to elevate our efforts in customer engagement by providing highly personalized experiences and innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the market. We look forward to exploring new avenues and opportunities that will solidify the Malaysia Airlines position in the region and extend our influence globally as the gateway to Asia and beyond.”

This remarkable collaboration not only showcases the profound cooperation between Huawei Consumer Cloud Services and Malaysia Airlines but also brings a novel aviation travel experience for consumers. In the future, Huawei and Malaysia Airlines will continue to explore and innovate, striving for the development of the global tourism market together. Everything centered around customers, and with continual technological innovation, sincerity, passion, and diligence, they present a broader blue sky to the world.


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