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Shoplazza Empowers Flaxmaker’s Global Expansion in Women’s Swimwear Market

XI’AN, China, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Shoplazza has been instrumental in aiding Flaxmaker, a women’s swimwear brand, in overcoming the challenges of global expansion and achieving significant growth from scratch. With the rapid growth of global cross-border e-commerce, Chinese brands are increasingly pursuing international markets. However, challenges such as technical limitations and lack of comprehensive service support often impede their progress. Shoplazza, renowned for its superior cross-border e-commerce SaaS services, has effectively supported Flaxmaker, which specializes in design-centric swimsuits, in their global market entry and expansion, thus reinforcing the international presence of Chinese brands.

Established in Xi’an in 2021, Flaxmaker has consistently focused on overseas markets, opting to sell via independent websites. Initially, the brand explored various categories but after thorough market research and consideration, chose to specialize in swimwear. This decision was driven by the significant potential of the swimwear market and Flaxmaker’s strategic insight into the niche market for conservative vacation swimwear.

Flaxmaker conducted an exhaustive analysis of market demands and consumer preferences in the competitive swimwear sector, particularly among younger consumers. They identified a growing demand for conservative vacation swimwear among consumers over 30, a segment notably underserved by existing brands. “We quickly seized this market opportunity, redefined our product focus, and committed to providing top-quality swimwear for this demographic,” stated the founder of Flaxmaker.

Flaxmaker is distinguished by its creative product designs, featuring floral elements that infuse their swimwear with artistry and fashion. Whether through two-dimensional prints or three-dimensional ruffled designs, these swimwear pieces allow wearers to experience the elegance and gentleness of floral aesthetics. This design philosophy is not only inspired by the team’s aesthetic aspirations but also by successful strategies from niche competitors.

Regarding marketing, Flaxmaker leverages its independent website to effectively attract a substantial customer base through precise targeting and advertising. The brand also actively engages on various social media platforms, particularly Facebook, which plays a crucial role in their promotional activities. Through continuous interaction and feedback from users, Flaxmaker can finely tune their offerings and service to better meet market demands and enhance their brand visibility and competitiveness.

To support Flaxmaker’s swift development, Shoplazza provided a tailored SaaS solution for the apparel sector, enabling the brand to establish a cost-effective and efficient overseas website and facilitating their breakthrough growth. With Shoplazza’s assistance, Flaxmaker is better positioned to adapt to market shifts, understand customer needs more precisely, and steadily strengthen their brand influence.

The founder of Flaxmaker commends Shoplazza for their professionalism and impactful technology: “Shoplazza’s expert team and high-quality services have significantly streamlined our path to global markets. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Shoplazza to further the global reach of the Flaxmaker brand.”

As a leader in China’s cross-border e-commerce SaaS arena, Shoplazza consistently prioritizes customer needs and is dedicated to delivering top-tier, professional services. Moving forward, Shoplazza will continue to enhance its offerings in the cross-border e-commerce domain, driving innovation and improving its services to assist more Chinese brands in achieving global success.

Flaxmaker’s successful international expansion not only revitalizes the local economy in Xi’an but also serves as a valuable model for other companies looking to venture abroad. With a commitment to “innovation, quality, and service,” Flaxmaker aims to elevate their product and service standards continually and deliver superior swimwear and shopping experiences to customers worldwide. This collaboration is expected to propel more Chinese brands onto the global stage, realizing their aspirations for international growth.


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