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These earbuds have double the battery life of AirPods for just $23 (50% off!)

A truly great pair of earbuds is worth its weight in gold, and Tozo has been killing it lately. The brand’s T20s — one of its newest models — have arrived with a whopping 48.5 hours of battery life, noise cancellation and a waterproof rating that means they’ll probably survive a quick shower, although we don’t recommend it. (By the way, wash your ears!)

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Forget the rain — these earbuds won’t mind, and with more than two days of battery life, frequent charging will be a thing of the past. 

Save $25 with coupon

$23 at Amazon

These guys are marked down by more than 50%. That’s reason enough to buy, but the double discount — a sale price plus a coupon — means you can buy two for the price of one. All four colors are on sale, so we recommend the green. (It has a nice teal undertone, and aren’t you tired of basic black?)

We’ve seen a lot of earbuds that advertise crazy-long battery life, but most have a caveat. Not these. Tozo T20s give you 13 hours of playback on a single charge, and over 48 hours including the case — that’s wild for a pair of earbuds. (In comparison, Apple’s AirPods top out at five hours on a single charge, and 24 hours with the case.) An LED indicator shows you how much charge each bud and the case itself has left.

There are multiple built-in equalizations, or EQs, within the app to help fine-tune your listening experience. On the comfort front, these are outstanding — they include six different ear tips for that just-right size. They’re also IPX8 waterproof, which helps them withstand sweat and rain, so you can wear them no matter how miserable the weather or tough the workout.

Tozo earbuds against a yellow background

These Tozo earbuds change the game when it comes to battery life, outlasting Apple and plenty of other high-end competitors. (Amazon)

These little earbuds have a quickly growing fanbase of more than 1,300 five-star reviewers who say it’s hard to do better for the money.

“Truly in a league of their own!” raved one reviewer. “From the moment I popped them in, I was blown away by their exceptional sound quality. The bass is deep and powerful, making my favorite songs come to life in a way I’ve never experienced with other earbuds. The fit is incredibly snug and comfortable, and they stay put even during the most intense workouts. These are probably the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever worn.”

Another customer said, “The fit surprised me — I’m usually not a fan of earbuds with stems, but these stems are shorter than others and I think for that reason in combination with the in-ear soft plugs just fit great. The benefit of the stem design is the microphones are better positioned to pick up your voice, so this is a great balance between voice pickup on calls and fit.”

One fan couldn’t get enough of the noise canceling. “As soon as you slap ’em in, they just cozy up in your ears, shutting out the world. Perfect for diving deep into my music without any interruptions.”

While there are on-device buttons, you can’t feel them. “It’s small, near the top of the buds, and doesn’t really provide any tactile feedback that ‘here’s where to need to press,'” said one buyer.

Another user warned that while the mics are fine for phone calls, they don’t work well for recording. “The only thing I would say is I dislike the microphone. My friends were saying that they could hear me just fine, but it wasn’t good enough to use for [a] podcast episode because my audio sounded pretty horrid.”


Not sure how much playtime you have left? Just give the battery case a quick glance.

Save $37 with coupon

$23 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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